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Chris Baird


Chris Baird is a real estate professional and serial entrepreneur based in Bradenton, Florida. He is passionate about real estate and finding new ways to give back to those around him. When Chris founded his company, 941 Houses, he did so with faith, loyalty, and the intention to help those within his community directly.

Entrepreneurship and working hard are two things that have always been in Chris Baird’s life. He was born the son of a third-generation plumber, and early on, Chris was given a chance to help the family business. As an adult, Chris continued to hold onto the values he learned from his family, including the necessity of hard work and the skills that go into running a business. Chris Baird worked in the plumbing industry for another thirty years before working his way into real estate.

In real estate, Chris Baird found many doors open to unique opportunities. While still in college in 2002, he bought a duplex and got his first experience dipping his toe into property investment. As his knowledge grew, he began helping others find properties to purchase, and within just a couple of years, he was assisting several other landlords and investors with purchasing property throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. In the years since, Chris has managed 150 tenants at one time, completed more than 200 total remodels on single-family homes just since 2015, and accumulated a line of credit in 2014 for $38 million used exclusively for projects in real estate.

In 2017, Chris purchased 60 homes to hold or flip, and just two years later, he purchased a 70-unit RV Park. The following year, Chris bought a nine-unit apartment complex, and in 2021, he did $1.7 million in construction and paint projects and more than $1 million in plumbing revenue while also purchasing eight properties the same year. Last year, Chris purchased 20 projects and completed $3.8 million in construction projects, and this year, he is slated to purchase another 40 homes and do $6 million in construction within the Tampa Bay and Sarasota metropolitan areas. In 2023 he also purchased 105 10,000 square-foot lots in Florida.

Since his very first property investment, Chris has been in business for himself and has been dedicated to helping others do the same. He even published a book on real estate investing.

The above experiences gave Chris Baird plenty of opportunities to grow and learn. As such, he has mastered nearly every aspect of the real estate industry. This includes the financial side alongside the remodeling side. Chris Baird has worked with land development, general construction, remodeling, and long-term holding of single-family properties. Chris has remodeled over one hundred and thirty single-family homes alongside seven hundred other real estate projects. Likewise, he currently has over eighty tenants to care for. Chris’ latest project (941 Houses) is a for-profit real estate company that gives generously to the community.

Chris Baird has always felt the need to help the lives of those around him. Like many, he found a way to combine this compulsion with his passion – real estate. He founded 941 Houses with the intention of aiding those struggling with difficult financial situations. All of Chris’ faith and integrity have gone into the business, ensuring that 941 Houses lives up to his hopes. 941 Houses work in the great Sarasota area, helping those in the area. As a general contractor, Chris Baird is perfectly positioned to step in and save these struggling properties, turning them into new investments with high potential.

Over the years, Chris Baird has learned several tricks to save money with 941 Houses. For example, they regularly work on ten to twenty projects at a time. This cuts costs, enhances efficiency, and provides superior results. Chris has two superintendents working alongside him to help manage the numerous projects under his care.

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